Tax Minimization

help minimize your tax liabilities

Tax is a major cost component of your business in the Philippines and if it wasn't properly managed, it can cost you as much as 35% of your total business revenue. We perform diverse corporate and tax-related services which respond to the needs of your business to help minimize your tax liabilities and meet your tax compliance obligations.

Tax savings is the best part that each of us would ever wanted and could come in a number of ways such as timely paying the correct amount of applicable taxes or by tax minimization schemes allowed by the rules.

We will assist you in determining the proper tax compliance of your transactions with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) rules and regulations, preparation and filing of related reports and returns, securing approvals of mandatory requirements, and guide you all the way for a tax-efficient operation.

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Other Tax and BIR related services that we offer

In detail, our expert team will provide you the following services:

Handling Tax Assessments

We represent you before the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Bureau of Customs (BOC) and the local government units (LGUs) at any stage during the examination.

Handling Claims for Refunds

In case you have erroneously or excessively paid taxes or have unutilized VAT input taxes related to zero-rated sales, we can help you recover by applying for the issuance of refund or tax credit certificates (TCCs) with the Tax Bureau and with the Courts.

Tax Audit Review

We conduct tax audit review to evaluate your level of compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, advise you on procedures and practices that may not be proper for tax purposes and provide recommendations on possible improvements of tax practices.

Tax Incentives Study

We help you understand the incentives available to you under existing laws. We can assist you identify the opportunities and investment structure, as well as in determining your eligibility and the requirements for availing of investment incentives granted under Philippine laws.

Assistance for Application for Incentives

If you are qualified, we can assist you in the preparation and the filing of the application for incentives with the concerned government agencies. To ensure your continued entitlement to incentives, we also advise you on the compliance requirement and other processes.

Tax Opinions

We provide you advice on the tax implications of the transactions (including review of contracts) that you propose to undertake or that you have already undertaken, based on applicable laws, regulations, court decisions, rulings and other issuances.

Court Litigation

In some cases, tax disputes may not be resolved at the administrative level without going to the courts.

Tax Planning

We help you maximize your tax position by identifying improvements for tax efficiency relative to the way you structure and conduct your business operations and transactions, taking into consideration your overall objectives.

Requests for Rulings

Requests for rulings are generally optional but are mandatory in certain transactions. We research, prepare and file, for and on your behalf, requests for clarificatory or confirmatory rulings as guidance for the proper tax treatment of your transactions.

Retainership Arrangement

We are available to render consultation and advise you on tax issues that need quick response and do not require the conduct of extensive research and studies.

Tax compliance services

We can assist you in the preparation and/or review of tax returns that may include, among others, quarterly and annual income taxes, value-added tax and other percentage taxes, fringe benefits tax, withholding taxes and documentary stamp tax, based on information that you provide to us.

We can help you prepare and file the following tax returns, among others, based on your accounting records:

  • Monthly withholding taxes and annual information returns (compensation, final & expanded)
  • Quarterly fringe benefits tax
  • Monthly and quarterly value added tax
  • Quarterly and annual corporate income tax
  • Documentary stamp tax

Other tax assistance we can assist you in

Property Transfer

Securing Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) from the BIR for property transfers.

Tax Credit

Transfer of tax credit certificates.


Any other required compliance with applicable tax laws or regulations not include in this list.