How is it done?

What we will do?

We will gather your source documents that need to be recorded. These information can be gathered through below method.

Shoot & Email Method

Take photo of your business document using either your phone or camera and email those photos to us.

Actual Document Collection Method

Courier service pick up from your office and send to our office.

The business documents

These business documents include, but not limited, to the following

Bank Statements

Sorting, Filing & Recording

After gathering all the documents, we sort, file and encode everything into our accounting system and will be reviewed by our senior accountants.

After recording all your documents in our accounting system, we will send you a report that you can copy directly to your manual book of account such as:

General Journal
General Ledger
Cash Receipt Journal
Sales Journal
Purchase Journal
Other Subsidiary Journals

The Final Report

After all the recording, we will provide important financial reports that you can use in making important decisions for your business. These reports are but not limited to the following.

Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Statement of Owner's Equity